Knowledgeable Counsel In Real Estate And Business Transactions

If you are a business owner and your property has been condemned and taken for public use, or you have received notice of an impending condemnation proceeding, you have important decisions to make. Your real property may be condemned, but the business operation still exists. Will you be able to continue the business if you move? If so, what will the impact be on business, revenues and customers? Where will you find suitable replacement property? How will you secure it?

If you are facing these questions, seek the guidance of an experienced eminent domain lawyer, one who has helped numerous other businesses successfully navigate the difficulties of a condemnation matter. At the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., we help property owners with real estate and business transactions. While our practice focuses on eminent domain, we also offer skilled counsel for these matters in situations independent of any eminent domain or condemnation proceedings. Backed by over 18 years of practice experience, you can be assured that attorney Bryan Lynch will provide you effective, dedicated representation.

Business Transition Matters

When you hire us to protect your interests in an eminent domain proceeding, we will help you address business continuity concerns. First, we will work closely with you to help you evaluate the issues associated with transitioning your business operations, always keeping your best interests in mind. We will provide sound legal guidance on your options regarding the transition to a replacement facility.

Should you choose to continue operations, we will help with reviewing and drafting the necessary business documentation and any potential merger and acquisition needs. We will advise you at every step of the transition to a new facility, helping you secure just compensation for the taking, as well as relocation benefits for the move. We will assist you with the sale or disposition of assets, inventory, and book of business by drafting the necessary contracts, bills of sale or purchase agreements.

Real Estate Issues

If you are a business owner forced to sell your real property as a result of a condemnation, we will help you secure the facilities you need to continue business operations. We will negotiate, review and prepare any documents necessary to successfully close on the purchase or leasing of a new facility. If you opt not to continue business, we will assist you with the sale of your existing assets and secure related compensation from the government where appropriate.

At every step of the condemnation process, including relocation, real estate and business transactions, you can count on us for experienced and committed representation. Contact the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., by calling 800-710-9478 for a free initial consultation. We are open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we schedule early morning, evening, and weekend consultations by appointment.