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Skilled Representation In Property Acquisition Matters

At the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., we provide the highest quality counsel to businesses and homeowners confronted by the government’s exercise of its eminent domain power. We aggressively represent clients in condemnation proceedings against all taking agencies to secure the just compensation they deserve. We also handle real estate and business transactions for commercial real estate, investment grade retail, agricultural, residential, multifamily and industrial properties.

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Illinois eminent domain lawyer Bryan Lynch brings over 18 years experience in both the private and public sectors to help business and property owners in Chicago and all of the surrounding counties. The Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., takes the time to understand your situation, explore your options, and guide your informed decision-making.

When your property is being taken, experience matters. Contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation.

Eminent Domain And Condemnation

If you own a business, home, or agricultural land, and the local, state or federal government has threatened to take your property for public or private use — such as a roadway, park, public utility, commercial development, or tax increment financing project — the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., provides owners with skilled and experienced counsel in all aspects of the condemnation and real property acquisition process. Whether it is preparing for an anticipated condemnation, determining if the government’s exercise of eminent domain is legal, or securing the just compensation you deserve for the property taken (or damages to any property not taken), we handle each and every eminent domain issue that arises during the condemnation process. Learn more at the following informational pages:

Relocation Claims Due To The Taking Of Your Property

If all of your property will be taken or significantly damaged by a government’s condemnation action, you may have the right to receive benefits under the federal Uniform Relocation Act, which provides for the recovery of various expenses resulting from your displacement, including compensation for business re-establishment costs, moving expenses, and certain real estate fees and costs. With nearly two decades experience handling property rights cases, Illinois condemnation attorney Bryan Lynch has the requisite skill and experience to help ensure you receive any benefits you are due under the Act.

Real Estate And Business Transactions

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The government’s exercise of its eminent domain power can wreak havoc on commercial property holders and industrial landowners. If your business is going to be displaced due to a condemnation action, we can help you explore your options. If you decide to continue business operations, we can assist with the transition. We can also help with any real estate or business issue arising from the condemnation, including the preparation and negotiation of real estate agreements, or the documentation of any merger, acquisition or related transaction.

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Count on the skill, experience and preparation of the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., to guide you through the condemnation process and help secure the just compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free initial consultation by calling 312-573-2727. We are open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and are available to schedule early morning, evening, and weekend consultations by appointment.