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Experienced Condemnation Attorney

Throughout Chicago and the surrounding Collar counties there are many real estate professionals who handle a variety of real property issues. However, few practitioners are knowledgeable about condemnation matters and even fewer focus their practice on this complicated field of law. At the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., we are a full service condemnation and eminent domain law firm, where we concentrate on this complex area to serve property owners who are threatened by a government taking.

Our goal is to review whether the government is properly exercising its authority and if it is not, to challenge the government’s actions. Our firm also fights to secure the just compensation our clients deserve under the law by negotiating and/or litigating to obtain the best possible price. We prepare every case in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner to support and demonstrate a strong valuation of your property. No matter what type of condemnation action you are subject to, we are prepared to help you.

Assistance In A Wide Range Of Government Taking Procedures

At the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., we not only assist clients in precondemnation preparation and traditional legal condemnation proceedings, but we are equipped to handle the lesser known and unique types of condemnation actions. While other firms may only be willing to accept straightforward condemnation cases, our firm has the experience to tackle a variety of condemnation cases, including the following types of proceedings:

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Inverse Taking: If the government previously took your land or is using it without initiating proper condemnation proceedings, including not following the legal condemnation process or failing to pay just compensation for the taking of your property, then you may be confronted with an inverse condemnation case. If so we can help you file a lawsuit to compel the government to return your land, pay you damages, pay just compensation, or initiate proper condemnation proceedings.

Regulatory Taking: If the government passes an ordinance or changes zoning classifications, preventing you from using your land in the manner which you previously enjoyed or could have enjoyed, or improperly denies a certificate of occupancy or business license, then this may constitute a taking and allow you to force the government to pay you for this taking. Likewise, if the government blocks access to your property or restricts its use, the Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., can also institute proceedings to help ensure you are compensated for this deprivation.

Exaction: If the government conditions its approval of certain zoning relief or development entitlements on an owner “donating” a part of their land, then you may be dealing with an exaction issue. We can initiate a mandamus complaint asking the court to force the government to issue the permits, zoning relief or authorization sought as a matter of right, and show that the relief sought and conveyance of your land are two separate issues. If the government needs an easement or a portion of your land, then it should pay just compensation and you should be able to voluntarily decide to sell your land; but you should not be required to donate it to get governmental approval. When dealing with an exaction issue, a court can compel the government to issue building permits and zoning relief and/or to initiate condemnation proceedings to acquire the land and/or enter into negotiations so you can achieve a fair and just price for the property.

Let An Eminent Domain Attorney Help You

If you have further questions about any of these types of taking, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer by calling 312-573-2727.