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Lawyer Helping Owners With Precondemnation Preparation

The Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, P.C., helps clients deal proactively with an impending eminent domain proceeding. We believe the best strategy when confronted with condemnation is to know what the government is planning, and to start preparing right away during the precondemnation phase utilizing the experience of a lawyer who understands every step of the process. As a result of Bryan Lynch’s preparation, you will be in a much stronger position to fight for the compensation you deserve once condemnation proceedings begin, and to ensure you receive payment not only for your property taken, but also for any negative impact to your property not taken.

Our firm has secured substantial increases for innumerable corporations, investors, businesses, property owners, and homeowners due to our experience, knowledge, and extensive case-specific preparation. We know the law and the best methods for compiling the strongest valuation evidence to help secure the just compensation you deserve. Let us help you throughout the precondemnation process.

How The Process Begins

After you hear that your property might be subject to a condemnation action, whether it is through news in the community, articles in the newspaper, surveyors mapping the area, receipt of a notice in the mail, or contact from a government representative, it is essential to understand the project and to seek experienced counsel right away.

It is important to know that you are under no legal obligation to allow any government official or appraiser onto your property let alone into your home or business, nor are you required to speak with the government about any matter, including the proposed condemnation project, your thoughts, or the perceived value of your property. Further, you do not have to provide them with any documents that they might ask for, sign any forms, or fill out any materials they may send you concerning your property.

Government ‘Negotiators’ Are Representatives Of The Government

Often, during the precondemnation period, the government will send out ‘negotiators’ who are government representatives hired to contact you, present the government’s offer, and report to the government all communications they have with you, including anything that you may tell them. These individuals are hired by the government — therefore they represent the state, and their job is to obtain your land at the government’s appraised price, as well as provide you with brochures about steps in the condemnation process. Everything you say and any documents you provide to the negotiator will be entered into their ‘log,’ provided to the government’s lawyers, and may be used against you later in the condemnation process.

If the government does ask to inspect your property, attorney Bryan P. Lynch will be there with you at your property and answer any questions you may have. He will evaluate the government’s proposal and start assembling information and documents regarding your property, including its present use, possible alternative uses, zoning requirements and compliance, the surrounding area, and the history of your property, including any improvements. Our firm is experienced in handling precondemnation matters; we understand all areas of analysis needed to prepare a strong case supporting the value you deserve for your property taken and for any reduction in the value of your property not taken, working with any necessary real estate professionals such as appraisers and engineers.

Contact Us For Experienced Representation In Precondemnation Issues

When it comes to precondemnation, the best defense to the government’s plans is a good offense based on thorough preparation. Attorney Bryan Lynch focuses his practice on condemnation, so he understands the process, as well as the preparation needed when negotiating fair and just compensation for you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let us help you protect the value of your property by calling 312-573-2727. Serving individuals and businesses throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as the Collar counties.